AzQtel Selects Prodea Connected Home Service for Azerbaijan

  • Posted on: 23 November 2010
  • By: chw staff

Prodea Systems has been selected by Azerbaijan’s WiMAX service provider AzQtel to support its long-term strategy of offering and advance connected home solution. The Prodea platform initial implementation will enhanced AzQtel’s broadband service (known as ‘Sazz’ locally) by offering an App-store and connected life services, which could include video-on-demand, internet applications, home security, personal media and smart home.

As Azerbaijan’s leading WiMAX service provider with about 4 million subscribers, AzQtel is hoping to offer its customers of Azerbaijan the latest in connected home solutions. They said this initial roll out in partnership with Prodea is part of a bigger strategy to complements it broadband internet with a host of other services. According to them going forward the Prodea platform will help them roll out services across mobile handsets, TVs, Tablets, PCs and other devices.

“Our goal is to equip our subscriber with not just another Internet browsing experience, but to provide them with a completely new way to experience the power of the Internet and a connected lifestyle, powered by WiMAX and cutting edge solutions like that which Prodea has created,” said Jayhun Mollazade, AzQtel’s CEO.

AzQtel is Azerbaijan’s first 4G Mobile operator and hopes to combine their's and Prodea's technologies to accelerate the digital life style for the people of Azerbaijan, first for the people of Baku city.