Billion To Highlight latest Solar and Wind Energy Solutions at Messe 2011

  • Posted on: 3 April 2011
  • By: chw staff

Billion Electric, a leading Asia Pacific-based provider in network equipments and green management products, will highlight its latest Solar and Wind Energy Management Solutions, Intelligent Streetlight Control and Management Solutions, Smart Grid AMI Solutions, and BPL / EoC Broadband Access Solutions at Hannover Messe 2011 which will be held on April 4th to 8th in Hannover, Germany, visitors will have the opportunity to witness the most up-to-date technologies.

Germany takes the largest share of worldwide solar energy market due to government incentive scheme. In response to this trend, Billion has delivered the innovative Solar and Wind Energy Management solutions to give renewable energy power operators the functionality they wants and needs. To provide customers with fully management energy-saving experienced, Billion integrates ZigBee technology to PV inverter providing easy access no matter anywhere.

The Intelligent Streetlight Control and Management System (LCMS) enables a community to meet energy conservation objectives. Energy savings of up to 60 to 70% is achievable as a result of improved performance of luminaries, lamps, and intelligent control management. It is ideal for project managers at utilities, departments of transportation, transit authorities, and municipalities. The completed solutions will allow them to meet their energy conservation goals without sacrificing performance, safety, flexibility, efficiency, or color rendering. The advanced streetlight which is built with this Billion intelligent ballast has embedded dimmer, power metering and temperature sensors to provide high performance, efficiency, reliability and extend the life expectancy of the streetlights.

Billion is capable of providing the complete Smart Grid basic construction solution by proven, high performance, and complete broadband PLC AMI solutions to utility companies. In addition, Billion also supplies utilities, top service providers, ISP, and cable companies the latest BPL / EoC Solution to provide broadband access services through the existing power line or coaxial cables without the cost and complexity.

With self-developed technology strength in networking communication and power supply to deliver diverse kinds of energy management solutions, Billion opens to talk with equipment providers, system Integrators, and utility operators. After successful interoperability tests and field trial in markets, Billion will announce its four series of innovative solutions:

Intelligent Streetlight Control and Management Solutions
Lighting Control and Management System (LCMS)
Wireless communication modules / Access Points (AP)
Wireless gateway

Solar / Wind Energy Management Solutions
Billion SG6410﹕Smart Energy Gateway
Billion SG3010﹕Compact Smart Energy Meter
Billion SG1100﹕Smart Energy Adapter
Billion SG2095﹕Broadband PLC Ethernet Adapter with Remote Power On / Off Control
Billion SG2097﹕Broadband PLC Ethernet Adapter with Power Metering Function

Smart Grid AMI Solutions
Billion SG5000﹕Broadband PLC AMI Module
Billion SG5001 R2﹕Broadband PLC AMI LV End Point
Billion SG5011 R2﹕Broadband PLC AMI LV Concentrator
Billion SG5021﹕Broadband PLC AMI MV End Point
Billion SG5031﹕Broadband PLC AMI MV Repeater
Billion SG5041﹕Broadband PLC AMI MV Head End

BPL / EoC Broadband Access Solutions
BiPAC 2300 R2﹕BPL Access Head-End Unit
BiPAC 2103﹕BPL Access End-Point Unit
BiPAC 2310﹕EoC Head-End Unit
BiPAC 2110﹕EoC End-Point Unit