Bosch Offers Smart Home Solution to Operators

  • Posted on: 4 September 2012
  • By: chw staff

Bosch Security Systems and GreenPeak have collaborated to develop a home security and home care solution.  The new offerings are gear toward operators who want to increase their revenue stream in the smart home market. Through the partnership, Bosch is able to integrate GreenPeak’s chips into its security, safety and communication products.

Service providers of cable TV, telephone, internet and cell phone can now offer smart home services like home security. The new range of Bosch products allow operators to scale the level of services they want to offer, from only sensors to a complete cloud-based home security service. Other products from the collaboration include energy management and home care.

“The set-top box is the gateway for these service offerings, effortlessly connecting numerous home sense and control devices in one integrated set of smart home applications,” said Cees Links, GreenPeak founder. The solution uses GreenPeak’s RF technology, which is based on ZigBee RF4CE standard.