Get Free Digital TV on Your Mobile With Siano's Meron

  • Posted on: 6 June 2013
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Siano wants to make it possible for us to watch regular broadcast TV over our mobile and tablet with the release of Meron.  The wireless accessory transforms regular Android and Apple devices into digital TVs without the need for internet TV subscription. So if you don’t mind the bulk for the convenience of watching live TV the Meron allows you to watch live TV at a location convenient to you.


First it was the Carmel dongle, designed for 30pin devices such as the iPhone and iPad now Siano adds Meron, which because of the power and better video quality of phones and tablets, Siano said it is their plan to allow us to enjoy digital television in a more satisfying and enjoyable way on  the smartphone and tablets.

Meron allows true experience Digital TV reception without cost data plan (air time) or Internet TV subscription.  There is no cost cellular data network or internet connection to Digital TV open. Having its main feature the quality and flexibility in Digital TV reception, the Meron adds to the product family Siano started earlier this year with the “Carmel”, an accessories for mobile devices.

The Meron is powered by Siano TV for Apple iOS and Android device that was customised for Siano by Elgato.  It features the Siano chip DTV reception and WiFi transceiver chip from Qualcomm Atheros.  Standards support by Meron include full-seg up to SD resolution, DVB-T and ISDB-T 1-Seg.