Boxee Offers Movie Library From Indie Movies Online, Openfilm, MUBI and EZTakes

  • Posted on: 27 August 2010
  • By: chw staff

boxee boxAccording to the Boxee blog they have added a new a Movie Library to Boxee to complements it TV Show library. The New library is a combine of films from Indie Movies Online, Openfilm, MUBI and EZTakes.  Most of the movies are for free (supported by ads), and is accessible using the ‘filter by provider’ option on the Movie Library sidebar. The service, said Boxee is still in hit beta stage and highlight what is available from the different partners.

Since June 2009, IndieMoviesOnline has been streaming high quality independent films, documentaries, and shorts. Known for its fierce movie reviews and behind-the-scenes editorials of all the top box-office hits (and flops), IndieMoviesOnline delivers films from both mainstream talent and hot up-and-comers. With free access anywhere on the globe to hundreds of movies, there’s no excuse not to soak up these great indie flicks.

OpenFilm is a fast-growing online community where filmmakers and film lovers around the globe discover and distribute independent film. Through its unique technology, live online chats, social network, extensive film festival database, unique member channels, and Advisory Board, which includes James Caan, Robert Duvall, Mark Rydell and Scott Caan, Openfilm unites the best elements of the film industry in one place.

MUBI is your online cinema, anytime, anywhere. MUBI will give you the latest buzz from Cannes or a restored masterpiece personally chosen by Martin Scorsese (he’s a member, too!). A social network that can let you find a visual gem that will definitely not be released in the local multiplex, and allows you to find a girl in Tokyo who loves Kubrick (she actually exists, her name is Yuko and she’s into Wong Kar-Wai too…).
*to access MUBI on Boxee, you’ll need to pair your account first.

No more searching high and low for art house, independent, classic and cult films, because EZTakes specializes in bringing hard-to-find movies to you. The EZTakes library contains nearly a thousand ad-supported titles ripe for the picking that you can watch on Boxee or virtually any computer, smart phone or portable video player.

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