Broadcom's New Lifestyle Benefits Platform: Persona

  • Posted on: 16 January 2010
  • By: chw staff

Broadcom PersonaWith the release of its Persona platform Broadcom is promising to boost user’s multimedia experience, because hosted inside the Persona are two of Broadcom's latest in multimedia and communication chip technology.  These are the BCM11211, a communication processor and the BCM1181, a multimedia processor which enables full featured multimedia application and advance capabilities such as 3D graphics and high quality audio experience.  The Persona is to usher in the connected home lifestyle such as home automation, video conferencing, digital video recording (DVR) and set-top-box integration through a single portal.

There is currently a high quantity of connected home enabled devices being bought and research as forecast an increase in demand for the coming months.  Broadcom said they are positioning themselves to take advantage of the growth in this market. “This single portal device will act as an information communication and entertainment portal of the connected home, proliferating into the much anticipated ‘fourth screen’”.

Broadcom see the inclusion of ‘lifestyle benefits’ features into the Persona that separate it from today’s connected home products.  As a next generation connected home device the Persona is able to provide the mobility and flexibility that households are searching for.

The Persona platform is green aware and comes with some of Broadcom’s popular software products, like SmartAudio voice enhancement technology and MediaxChange – which supports the Google Android mobile operating system.