BT Vision IPTV Customers Get New Vision+ Set-top Box

  • Posted on: 29 January 2010
  • By: chw staff

PaceWithin the next few weeks or months the BBC Trust will announce their decision of whether the BBC should go ahead with canvas project.  In the meantime Pace, a Digital TV technology supplier announced that they have released a new set-top box called “Vision+” for BT Vision IPTV customers.

The new Vision+ set-top box allows BT Vision customers to access up to 40 Freeview TV channels through the TV aerial.  The box also features a 160GB hard drive to record your favourite movie, videos or movies.  According to Pace the system meets EU standards for power consumption.

“Our advanced hybrid devices, such as the Vision+ which combines Freeview, live payTV broadcasting and on-demand HD content over IP, demonstrate clearly how the set-top box is solidifying its place at the heart of entertainment convergence in the home,” said Mathias Hautefort, President of Pace France.