Carlo Gavazzi Previewed Windows CE Smart House Web Server

  • Posted on: 17 June 2010
  • By: chw staff

At this week’s Home Technology Show in London, Carlo Gavazzi previewed their smart-house home automation solution,  a web server application that allows you to access, manage, control and monitored it from anywhere in the world.  Home owners will be able to securely login to the smart-house system and control lighting, scene setting and curtain control they also will be able to view or adjust (actual temperature, temperature set points and real-time values).

The solution was developed on the Windows CE platform and will be integrated into the BH8-CTRLX-230 smart-house controller.  Wiring is simple, because the same wires that transfer data also feed the power.  The web server has a built in alert system that alerts you when someone attempts to login and fails.

Accessing the web server is easy and simple; you can configure access via your ADSL or Cable router, from a standard browser or mobile device – smartphone. Once you are in you can check that your home security is activated.

Dedicated detectors for smoke and intruders can be configured to make the house lights flash, sound an alarm and send a text message, water detectors can protect against flooding by shutting off the water supply to the house.

Automation can also be extended to the garden for path lighting, gate control, irrigation systems and swimming pool management. All aspects of the system can be controlled and viewed locally on wall mounted touch screens and high-end remote controls (Philips Pronto) or remotely by internet or mobile phone.