Cavium Released Wireless Processor Technology to OEMs

  • Posted on: 1 June 2010
  • By: chw staff

Cavium Networks today released its CNW56xx video processor family to OEMs.  The CNW56xx is part of Cavium’s high performance and highly integrated PureVu line of processors, which features super low latency (SLL) H.264 compression technology. The new range of processor is to allow HD quality video over 802.11 wireless connections between connected devices.

The use of CNW56xx processor and target applications CNW5602 will allow devices to distribute video signals wirelessly to display screens. The system on chip solution support bi-directional video transfer, with functionality capable of H.264 compression of up to 1920x1200 at 60 frames per second.

This means that the need wired our television will soon be a thin of the past.  Soon DVD or Blu-ray player will be in one room and projecting images wirelessly to more than one television in different rooms.  Cavium also envisage us using the television to distribution information to other devices in the home.
According to them the CNW5602 targets a multitude of Consumer Electronics (CE) and PC products including HDMI transmit and receive adapters, Blu-ray Disc players, wireless gaming adapters and home video routers.