Control4: iPhone & iPod Touch Home Control System

  • Posted on: 1 July 2009
  • By: admin

control4 ipod dockControl4, the leader in affordable IP-based home control and entertainment systems, has announced the release of two new products compatible with virtually any iPod or iPhone. Control4, in collaboration with Control UI, has developed a new iPhone or iPod Touch application to provide users with full access to the Control4® home automation system via these handheld devices. In addition, the company’s Control4® Dock for iPod now enables music and videos on the iPod to be integrated into the Control4® system.

Control4® iPhone and iPod Touch Software Application
The My House UI for Control4 application was developed by Control UI, an authorized Control4 development partner. By downloading the application to an iPhone or iPod, users will have the option to control the Control4 system from their iPhone or iPod Touch within the home. The hand-held interface is the same as on the Control4® family of touch panels and on-screen interfaces, making navigation simple and familiar. Users will have complete access to any aspect of the system including security, temperature control, multi-room music and home theater control, smart lighting and more.

“Control4 continues to work with innovative companies, like Control UI, to deliver solutions like the new iPhone and iPod software application,” said Will West, Chief Executive Officer of Control4. “As the operating system for the connected home, Control4 is committed to providing affordable and easy-to-use solutions for existing devices to offer flexibility and choice for the growing broad market of automation customers.”

“People depend on their mobile devices for communication and entertainment, and we are very pleased to enable those same devices to now control the home. I have been developing software for over 20 years, and the Control4 platform is one of the best I have ever worked with,” adds Chuck Hudson, co-founder of Control UI.

Control4 Dock for iPod and iPod Touch
Accessing iPhone and iPod Touch content through the Control4® network is now easier and more affordable than ever before with the Control4® Dock for iPod. Simply plug in any iPhone or iPod Touch and all of the music, playlists, and video on the device can be accessed and controlled throughout the home from any Control4® user interface.

“Our goal at Control4 is to get the different devices and systems in the home to work together better,” said Mr. West. “By providing tight integration for the iPods in the Control4 system, we make it easier for users to access and enjoy their music from any networked source, all via the same interface. As always, we will continue to expand our offerings as the platform for the digital home.”

Available now, the Control4 Dock for iPod has an MSRP of $299. For more information on Control4, please visit

About Control4
As the operating system for the connected home, Control4 brings home automation and control to the broad market. Control4 technology is at the heart of an expanding ecosystem of leading consumer electronics products designed to work together with ease. Control4 develops and delivers award-winning control software and hardware for virtually any room, home or building from anywhere at any time. Control4 is the affordable, easy to use, and easy to install solution for digital living. From essential energy management to effortless entertainment; from whole-home lighting control to comprehensive security systems, Control4 is the platform for managing all the pieces of today’s connected life.

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