EmoSPARK Offers Emotional Intelligence with Connected Home Services

  • Posted on: 8 September 2015
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Anyone  who has watched the Transformer movies will see some similarities between this new connected home device and the Allspark from the movie.  Developed by London start-up EmoSHAPE, the EmoSPARK as it is called adds emotional intelligence to the connected home.  According to EmoSHAPE, the EmoSHARK aims to be a little more human, it combines emotional learning with enough artificial intelligence that enables it to interact and converse with humans.


The EmoSPARK comes in the shape of a cube and small enough to be placed anywhere in the home.  Once configured the EmoSPARK becomes the middleman for you to control other connected devices and access digital services; it can connect to other devices through wired or wirelessly.  You can also access its services remote via a smart device.

The EmoSPARK voice command functions allows you to launch web services such as Wikipedia, plays YouTube videos, monitors and relays activities on Facebook and offers weather forecasts on demand.  The EmoSPARK allows you to step into higher level of <connected home services>.  When some devices monitor the home and its surroundings, the EmoSPARK monitors it occupant’s social and emotional wellbeing.

Once connected the EmoSPARK starts by learning about its surroundings, it learn to recognise its owner and his or her personality and preferences. Sounds scary? It will even learn your facial express to know when you are happy or sad. A smile will trigger more interaction and perhaps prompt the machine to add an element of humour.  Over time  the EmoSPARK’s understanding of its owners emotions will become more sophisticated allowing it to create a ‘machine personality’ that with some extent will align with its owner.

The EmoSPARK is available for order from the EmoSHAPE website.