Entone Offers FusionTV Mixed IPTV Platform To Telecoms

  • Posted on: 13 December 2010
  • By: chw staff

Telecom providers can now extend their service offering with a new television solution called FusionTV from Entone.  The Connected home solution provider has released the hybrid TV platform to enable telecom operators to offer “Over the Top” (OTT) content mixed with Standard HDTV programming.  The flexibility of the FusionTV manage services allows linear HDTV services to be delivered by traditional programming sources such as IPTV, cableTV or OTA broadcasts plus online media services such as video on demand (VOD), music streaming, photo sharing, social media and other popular web content and services.

FusionTV is available in two editions (IPTV and Broadband) to fit into operators existing architecture, whether it’s fully IPTV, Broadband or a mixture of both.  The FusionTV IPTV edition is based on the WebVOD solution, which allows IPTV solutions providers to offer web-based VOD services.

The FusionTV Broadband Edition is designed for telecom operators who have not yet implemented a full IPTV solution but wants to take advantage of a Hybrid TV Solution.  With it telecom providers can bundle their broadband internet services with a rich array of video services without the cost of deploying a full-scale IPTV system.

Ameer Krim, vice president of Hybrid TV at Entone believes that operators are at risk of losing their customers to pure-play OTT services because more compelling contents are now online and on-demand.  But thinks, because “consumers place great value on live TV, premium content, true HDTV programming and the ability to record their favourite shoes;” FusionTV is perfectly placed to glue both services together so that they can be offered as an optional solution,” whether as part of a premium IPTV service or bundled with a broadband internet service”.