Vodafone Showcases Connected Home Solutions For Music and Video On-Demand

  • Posted on: 3 September 2009
  • By: chw staff

VodafoneVisitors to this year’s IFA Show and especially the Vodafone booth will get a glimpse into the future of Vodafone music and video, featuring Connected Home products and services that network all kinds of home entertainment components such as video, music and photos. Through the use of Vodafone’s new Innovative Media Center and Tablet Media Center terminals, home users will be able to enjoy the latest in On Demand entertainment.

Entertainment devices will be able to receive and exchange digital formats via DSL and the Vodafone Easy Box home network. These media will be incredibly easy to use with new terminals such as the Vodafone Media Center and the Vodafone Tablet Media Center and mobile individuals will be able to save all home entertainment formats and other files in the Vodafone OnlineMemory.

"Vodafone Connected Home provides a glimpse into a future of simple and convenient entertainment media usage," said Frank Rosenberger, CCO Consumer Business at Vodafone D2 GmbH and member of the Vodafone AG Executive Committee. "Our music products and services aren't just for mobile terminal users, you can also enjoy them in your home."

The new generation terminals can be connected up to the home network at the push of a button. In connected homes, the Vodafone Easy Box is a distribution hub for information, entertainment formats - including own media - and you can connect your hard disk to the DSL box as memory. The pocket book-sized Vodafone Media Center links the DSL connection to the TV, stereo system and hard disk via the home network. It enables you to use your TV set to play films from the Vodafone Videotheque, play games, check out websites or use the electronic mailbox. DVD/Blueray players are another practical accessory that you can hook up to the home network.

The Vodafone Tablet Media Center is a handy all-rounder. It has a mini wireless touchscreen that shows videos from the Vodafone Videotheque, it plays internet radio, it can be used to surf the net and check e-mails. Simply touch the screen to activate a range of services such as the weather forecast.