Gainsborough Launches G+ Access Home Automation System

  • Posted on: 29 January 2012
  • By: chw staff

Gainsborough is making having a different key for every access points in your home a thing of the past with their new G+ home access system.  The G+ Access system eliminates the need to carry separate alarm, garage door and gate remote controls in addition to front door keys.  G+ gives the home owner control from inside and convenience from the outside.

Anyone planning on renovating their home or professional builders wanting to give their buildings the woo factor, the G+ is a possible option.  WithG+ Access the use of a handy remote backed by their home automation solution, you can manage it all with just one lightweight and convenient remote control.

The G+ electronic key allows homeowners to access and controls the locking and unlocking functions of front door locks including deadlock, privacy and passage modes. I can also operate other home access systems such as lighting and alarm. From conveniently located wall mounted control system you can manage access to your home and received message left by visitors.

According to Gainsborough the G+ Access system is a modular system allowing you to start with the basic and add more features as time progresses.  There is also the G+ Home Hub that allows you to link your G+ Access system into other home automation system you might already have.

You might be thinking it electronic and it might fail.  The G+ locksets have battery backup to maintain safety and security in the event of a blackout and mechanical override in all the locks for you to revert back to traditional keys.