GreenDash: Home Energy Management From FutureDash

  • Posted on: 22 January 2010
  • By: chw staff

A new technology startup – FutureDash, based in California has launch a new product called GreenDash; a new home energy management software. The GreenDash software will allow consumer network and electronics manufactures to easily add energy monitoring to their products, which would make it easy for home owners to see their energy usage in real-time.

The use of GreenDash put the knowledge into the hand of the home owners. They are able to react to the information form their energy meters.  Gone are the days when you have to wait for your bills to know how much energy you user a how much you have to pay.

“Increase energy awareness lead to increase energy conservation and our GreenDash software enables existing device to be turn into a home energy monitoring system so everyone wins – both the consumer and the utility companies” said Allan Hundhausen, FutureDash Founder.

With many of us being conscious of our lifestyle on the environment GreenDash users are presented with an instant view of their home energy consumption, and can take measures to lower their carbon footprint.

GreenDash gives users a virtual in home display, which allows them to tap into the smart grid to monitor and manage their current electricity consumption in real-time and historical usage.  Access is also available through a web browser or other compatible client hardware such as a set-top box, laptop, connected TV, smart phone or PDA.

The information is collected on a GreenDash server in the home, and is then accessible from the dashboard or any of the compatible devices listed above or over the internet.

The GreenDash software is available to OEM as addon to their existing products, and should save manufactures the cost of having to develop their own solution in house. According the FutureDash, GreenDash is compatible with standard networking appliances found in today’s connected homes, such as gateways, media servers, routers, IPTV, Network attach servers (NAS) and set-top boxes.