HomePlug Alliance Hosts China Connected Home Summits

  • Posted on: 3 November 2013
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

homeplugAfter last year’s success in China, the HomePlug Alliance is going back this year to host the Connected Home Summits. Unlike last year Chinese Technology Summits where they did two shows, this year they are doing three from November 11 to 15 in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenshen.   Exclusive to the Beijing summit there will be a panel which include China’s Government Officials and moderated by CWW's Editor-in-Chief Yang Hai-Feng.

According to Reuters, China plans to invest approximately US$ 323 billion over the next seven years to improve its broadband infrastructure. The country’s strategy is to increase its 3G and LTE users to 1.2 billion by 2020, four times the current figure.  This year alone they are aiming to increase the number of broadband users by 25 million and fibre optic Internet users by 35 million.

With so much to spend on its broadband infrastructure, the Chinese market is a possible major growth area for HomePlug technology.  For those who already build their home the technology is a much cheaper alternative to distributing broadband Internet throughout the home. By using the home’s electrical wires it enables access to, HD video, digital music and smart energy applications.

With potential benefits of HomePlug AV2 and the recently announced nVoy Program, the Alliance sees the Connected Home Summits as an opportunity to introduce Chinese companies and media to the millions of HomePlug AV products.  There will also be a presentation dedicated to HomePlug's Smart Grid / Smart Energy technology for applications such as smart appliances, home automation and electric vehicle connectivity.

“We have been seeing growing adoption of HomePlug in China via both members and product implementations in recent months,” said Rob Ranck, HomePlug Alliance President. “We look forward to discussing the growing opportunity for HomePlug with representatives of the Chinese government, as well as sharing our developments with companies looking to utilize HomePlug technologies in China and around the globe.”  www.regonline.com/ChinaSummit2013