Industry Sees Growth in Sale and DLNA Certified Blu-ray Players

  • Posted on: 30 July 2010
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Blu-rayThe DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) and the DEG (Digital Entertainment Group) have reported growth in both the number of Blu-ray Players getting certified and the sale of Blu-ray Players in general.  The DLNA has reported that the number of DLNA certified Blu-ray Players has nearly doubled in 2010.  Based on current figures the general sale of Blu-ray Players will more than double in 2012*

The current total of DLNA certified Bly-ray Players stands at 105.  This includes devices from suppliers like LG Electronics, Sony, Philips, JVC and Samsung. Consumers who buy DLNA certified devices will find it easier to share and enjoy their digital content across different devices that are also DLNA compatible.

With the growth projected and the changes taking place with Blu-ray Players, means the role of Blu-ray Players are also changing.  At the moment Blu-ray Players can connect directly to the internet, which will make it easy for them to download their own content.

“DLNA Certified® Blu-ray players are helping to bring new forms of entertainment to the home screen,” said Donna Moore, executive director of DLNA. “As the role of the TV in the digital home evolves, consumers’ expectations are changing along with it,” said said Donna Moore, executive director of DLNA.

*Based on report by Digital Times Research