Intel's Working on Home Automation Platform

  • Posted on: 1 July 2013
  • By: admin

From far back as 2009 (see Intel’s Vision) we saw how Intel was making small steps to position themselves to take advantage of the now internet of everything market.  Back then, they called it Consumer Electronic 3.0 and they gave a glimpse of what they think the future connected home will look like. Last week via engadget they showed a proof-of-concept platform that they have been working on.

Intel demonstrated a programmable user interface for the future connected home.   Their research team is developing a platform that will allow users to program how they want their home appliances to interact with each other.

This sound like something similar to the HomeOS platform Microsoft is working on, except that Microsoft HomeOS seems more comprehensive.  The new Intel platform like HomeOS will act as the middleware managing the devices/appliances.

According to the report, Intel system, actions are crafted using an easy-to-use HTML 5 programming environment. “Home integrators will utilize a simple GUI editor to tailor the system to their wishes.” HomeOS is base on .Net at the lower level. I am not sure what Intel is using.

Both platforms are proof-of-concept so I am not sure what the end solution will look like but stay tune to see where this will go.