Japan SoftBank Mobile Offers Free ADSL With Femtocell

  • Posted on: 30 June 2010
  • By: chw staff

ubiquisys femtocellAccording to The Register, SoftBank Mobile of Japan is offering free ADSL and free femtocell to anyone who will let SoftBank install a femtocell in their home or business, but customers will still have pay for mobile calls.  The free femtocells on offer are made by Ubiquisys and are back by Google.

The installation of a home Femtocell will help to reduce mobile call charges because it redirects call traffic through your broadband connection. The utility of such technology is unquestioned, though some operators have found integration challenging and there's still a lot of debate around who pays for them.

The free offer is open to homes and business retailers, which mean business can use the ADSL service free of charge to offer their customers added services. This approach by SoftBank Mobile is un-orthodox for mobile operators in the country so many will be watching to see how they fair out before making the leap.