Korea's Jeju Island To Showcase Smart Grid At G20 Summit

  • Posted on: 8 November 2010
  • By: chw staff

The Group of G20 world leaders meeting on Korea’s Jeju Island to discuss world politics and every thing else that comes with it - especially the need to manage the world’s energy resource more effectively and efficiently will see an end to end Smart Grid solution in Action.  It is here on Jeju Island that Korea is developing one to the world's latest Smart Grid infrastructure. The country will showcase to the world its latest electricity management technologies in action, so countries that are in an infancy stage in their implementation will see Korea’s test bed on the island.

“Jeju Island has the world’s largest and most advanced smart grid test bed. The KSGW will function as a square for exchanges of information, business models, technology and discussions,” said Minister of Knowledge Economy Choi Kyung-hwan.

The meeting start’s today the November 8 and finishes on the 14, at the Jeju Phoenix Island resort and co-hosted by the knowledge economy ministry, International Smart Grid Action Network and International Energy Agency.

“What makes the Jeju community unique from other such test beds overseas is that it incorporates all aspects of the smart grid from residence to transportation and renewable energy making it a true yardstick for the future,” said a ministry official.

Korea launched the plan to build a smart grid test bed on Jeju Island last December and its scheduled to be completed in 2013 and will eventually benefit 6,000 households on the country’s southernmost island.

In addition to using “smart electricity meters,” the Jeju system has an infrastructure to allow the full use of electric vehicles, a network to harness clean power sources, and electric services and grids which can enhance energy conservation.

According to the koreaherald Korea intends to offer a “green” development model through the G20 Summit for other countries including China and India who are categorized as developing countries under the Kyoto Protocol.

source: KoreaHerald