LG Promoted In DiiVA Alliance & TV Pass Compliance Testing

  • Posted on: 20 June 2011
  • By: chw staff

The Digital Interactive Interface for Video & Audio has reached an important milestone in its work to enhance to connected home entertainment experience. Its Authorized Test Center (ATC) in Guangzhou, China, has announced that LG Electronics’ TV Model 42LW6600 has passed the full DiiVA Compliance Test. In the same breath LG has also been elevated from Contributor to Promoter status, within the alliance.

The certification of LG Electronics’ TV Model 42LW6600 and it promotion to ‘promoter status’ has come a major boost for the DiiVA according it president, Steve Yum, "LG's product readiness is an important milestone that demonstrates to the consumer electronics industry that the ecosystem for DiiVA is ready for mass manufacturing."

LG now joins the likes of Changhong, Haier, Skyworth, Sony, SVA, Hisense, Konka, Panda, Samsung, TCL and Synerchip to endorse and promote widespread adoption of the DiiVA standard.

The DiiVA compliance program certifies product categories such as requires switches, adapters, HDTVs, source devices and cables/connectors accessories. As part of the program manufactures are require to submit their first product in each product category, that they wich to be certify to a DiiVA ATC.Subsequent derivative products, such as a manufacturer's second TV or DVD player based on the certified model, must also be tested by self-test or at the ATC.

The DiiVA consortium also approved AUO, BOE and Orise to become Contributors as industry interest in using DiiVA as an interface to LCD panels and monitors accelerates. DiiVA technology supports data rates of 4.5 Gbps per twisted pair. Depending on the application’s requirement, multiple twisted pairs may be used to satisfy the video resolution necessary. For example, high-end 4K displays at 60Hz refresh need 18 Gbps of video bandwidth which can be satisfied by using 4 twisted pairs of DiiVA. Coupled with its bi-directional hybrid data link of 4.32 Gbps over a single twisted pair, DiiVA greatly reduces and simplifies cabling inside and outside of the LCD monitor.