Motorola Mobility Shows How they Plan To Deliver The Connected Home

  • Posted on: 20 November 2011
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

motorolaMotorola was at this year’s SCTE Show in Atlanta to discuss and show their roadmap for the connected home.  They talked about DreamGallery, an operator’s SDK (Software Development Kit) and how they are working with Shaw Communications to develop a new guide experience for Shaw’s customers based on DreamGallery. Motorola Mobility also launched the Motorola APX3000, a high density Universal Edge QAM and said they have updated some operator infrastructure systems.

With a mixture of Motorola Mobility and 4Home technologies; Motorola Mobility (now a subsidiary of Google) said their plan is to work with the connected home industry to help deliver the services that consumers need. Using their software platforms, hardware systems and technical expertise they hope to empower operators to provide the infrastructure that provide the flexibility of a connected home experience that can be access anytime and from anywhere.

Delivering More for Less
Motorola said with the demand now placed on the existing telecom infrastructure through consumer changing habits has created many challenges and opportunities for operators; in particular internet videos. Although the implementation of a Cable Converged Access Platform (CCAP) would help to overcome some of the challenges created through new consumer behaviour, such a solution is not feasible now.

Motorola Mobility said because operator will have deal with this hybrid infrastructure for the foreseeable future they have invested heavily in both the evolving CCAP platform and its legacy CMTS technology. This can be seen in the new APEX3000 Universal Edge QAM (U-EQAM) which offers market-leading density; 8x the density supporting 384 QAM channels per RU or a total of 1536 QAM channels per 4 RU chassis.

Other technology investments include the TXPlus software upgrade of if TX32 decoupled downstream module. This will help operators to get more bandwidth out of the legacy systems thus maximising their investment.  They have launched the new MOTr modular Hub, a solution that eliminates the need for physical brick and morter Hub facilities.

TV Beyond The TV
Under their “TV Beyond The TV” slogan Motorola Mobility is offering their Motorola Televation Hosted App and Motorola DCX3600 Advanced Video Gateway. The Televation solution allows operators to securely deliver live TV to tablets anywhere around the home, without taxing network bandwidth. The solution is for small-to-mid-size operators looking to satisfy consumer hunger for TV Beyond the TV today, but not ready to invest in expensive, custom applications.

The Motorola DCX3600 Advanced Video Gateway offers Shaw customers using the DCX3200, a high definition (HD) set-top with a single 1 GHz tuner that supports both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 can enjoy DreamGallery seamlessly. When configured with the optional MoCA home networking interface, the DCX3200 can serve as a multimedia client for accessing content from other compatible devices in the home.

Operator can use DreamGallery, Motorola's next-generation HTML-5 video navigation software with the Motorola DCX3600 to develop their own customized television portals for advanced user navigation, features, and functionality for the deployment of new video experiences.

For connected home management services the Motorola 4Home software platform can help operators extend their services to consumers.  The Motorola 4Home platform allows consumers to interact with appliances and services within their home to save energy, time and money.