New York Wants A Smart Power Grid

  • Posted on: 16 June 2013
  • By: chw staff

Through the Energy Highway Blueprint initiative, New York’s power grid is to go through a major infrastructure upgrade to allow the system to use mix power source.  Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that an estimated $10 million is available to fund projects that will help the city’s grid infrastructure to be cleaner, more efficient and cost less to operate.

The $10 million is being administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and funding will be made available through a competitive bidding process. This amount is in addition to the $24 million in awards for research, product development and demonstration projects, plus a cumulative sum of $151 million in private sector and Federal funding.

Projects can by of different nature once it helps with the reliability, efficiency, quality, and overall performance of the electric power delivery system in New York State. The initiative is scheme is looking for innovative projects to help reduce peak demand strains on the electric system and reduce costs to operate and to customers, integrate intermittent power sources, such as wind and solar, strengthen the security of the system, and improve overall reliability.

“These sophisticated new technologies will play an integral part in modernizing the state’s aging energy infrastructure as part of an ambitious public-private-sector partnership to transform the electric power system for a 21st century economy,” said the Co-chairs of the Energy Highway Task Force—Gil C. Quiniones, president and CEO of the New York Power Authority, and Joseph Martens, Commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

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