Novabase and Entropic Launched SAT-IP Home Gateway

  • Posted on: 15 November 2014
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Novabase and Entropic have created a new home gateway, which they said is unlike any other device on the market today. They have collaborated to develop a SAT-IP gateway with home automation features.  The solution is part of an industry initiative to allow satellite broadcasting to IP base devices.

Other SAT-IP solution are available; however the new home gateway according to Novabase and Entropic, is the industry's first to integrate home automation, SAT-IP in a power plug form factor.

The home gateway is powered by Entropic's EN7100 Soc family, which offer high definition IP set-top box System-on-a-chip (SoC).  It will power the broadcast IP stock, along with home networking and home automation function.

"By partnering with Entropic, we developed a full-featured power plug gateway that enables operators to offer subscribers new, differentiated services -- from advanced home networking and multi-room services with MoCA to a wide range of home automation features,” said Michael Pauli, managing director of Novabase Digital TV Technologies, GmbH.

Now at 1.2 SAT-IP technology has been a long time coming.  The initiative was setup by British Sky Broadcasting, SES SA and Craftworks Aps to create a communication protocol for homes with IP-base devices to access live broadcast content from satellite reception servers.

The standard setup involves a SAT-IP server and SAT-IP client.  The client and the server can take different form; the server can be a simple in-home IP adapter to one that server a whole building; the client can be any DVB compliant set-top box with an IP interface or software applications running on programmable hardware such as Tablets, PCs, Smart phones, Connected Televisions, NAS, Routers etc.

The new home gateway is the first video gateway that combines the required functions to connect satellite broadcast to IP video devices with conditional access termination and content re-encryption.  It supports the main home's networking architectures such as wired MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) and wireless (WiFi).  It also has support for home automation protocols such as Z-wave and ZigBee.