PacketVideo's Twonky 8 Offers Cloud Integration

  • Posted on: 6 September 2014
  • By: chw staff

Developers of Twonky based solutions now have the option to integrate their services with the cloud. According to PacketVideo version 8 has a "cloud-enabled architecture that ensures optimal speed and flexibility". With the increaseing need for flexibility and connectivity PacketVideo said they want to accelerate the provivision of cloud services by service providers and manufacturers to their customers.

Twonky 8 moves the Twonky platform from media streaming services in to home to one that offers a fully cloud-enabled platform for cloud and local streaming. the upgraded platform makes it easy to build companion mobile apps that integrate media services with third-party services whether its with new cloud services or connected devices.

PacketVideo said, as mobile devices account for nearly a third of website traffic, close to a quarter of online video is viewed on mobile, and consumers increasingly move their content into the cloud, they beleives Twonky 8 is the tool to help service providers and manufacturers unified their services with the cloud and across devices.

"Accessing media online is especially important as our lifestyles become increasingly connected," said Glenn Hower, Parks Associates research analyst. "We found at the end of 2013 that almost 40% of Millennials identified online sources as their most important sources of video content. Getting content to a variety of different connected devices can be tricky, especially when consumers want their content whenever and wherever they happen to be. Cloud-enabled functions will play a big part in making the experience possible."

Key features of PacketVideo Twonky 8:

  •     Future-proof, cloud-enabled architecture that ensures optimal speed and flexibility
  •     Built-in support for consumer cloud services like Dropbox, Facebook, and Flickr
  •     Single login for consumers across OTT and personal cloud services, and custom profiles for multi-user and multi-device connected homes
  •     Support for streaming and beaming between smartphones, tablets, and TVs
  •     Easy integration with popular media platforms, including Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku
  •     Device adaptation technology to support superior media experiences and future-proof services
  •     Cutting-edge security measures that protect personal and premium content

The Twonky 8 SDK will be commercially available in October. For more information about Twonky 8, visit