Panasonic Develops Smart Grid Panelboard, Smart Cosmo

  • Posted on: 30 November 2013
  • By: chw staff

In anticipation of the converging  technology between the home and utility grid, Panasonic has developed a new residential distribution panel board called “Smart Cosmo”. The Smart Cosmo, according to Panasonic, will play a central role in the distribution and information management in future homes.  Thus, allowing users to better understand their energy use.

The Smart Cosmo is not due for release until early 2015 and is part of Panasonic’s drive to increase the penetration of Home Energy Management system (HEMS) in the residential market.  According to them, the socio economic and political changes in their home country Japan points to a major change in their utility market.

According to Panasonic Japanese approach to energy use have change since the Great East Japan Earthquake.  They see Smart Cosmo playing its part in supporting the roll out of smarter Grids.  It will be capable of supporting demand response control and peak cut and peak shift adjustment.

The “Smart Cosmo” will visualize energy usage in the home, including electricity, gas and water; by utilizing power usage measurement data, create new services that support users’ lives and encourage energy saving, providing a safe and comfortable lifestyle for users.