Philips Home Control Used Broadcom Bluetooth for Gestural Remote Control

  • Posted on: 12 September 2010
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Philips RemoteBroadcom and Philips Home Control have combined their technologies to create a new class of remote control for the emerging connected home appliances. The remote was developed using Broadcom Bluetooth technology and Philips expertise in advance wireless input and control solutions, and features Gestural Control for game consoles and other wirelessly connected devices.

The result of this collaboration can be seen in the new Philips Home Control DUAL, a remote control that can be used as a keyboard as well. The new technology said Broadcom will help transform the television, Set-top Box and Blu-ray Disc player interface experience.  Now users’ appliances will respond to the swipe of a finger, wave of a hand and strokes from a miniature keyboard.

The Remote is in direct response to the changes and functionality in TVs, Blu-ray players and Set-top Boxes. They are now offering more over-the-top services, where you can buy, sell and interact with others on the internet. With a remote that offers Gestural, QWERTY keyboard, touchpad functionality then users will have no need to putdown their remote for a PC or keyboard – every thing will be right there.

“Consumer electronics products are currently undergoing a fast transformation, evolving rapidly from passive devices to more dynamic, connected portals for entertainment, communication and more. Similarly, the remote control is also changing to accommodate the breath of new features becoming available, said Jean-Paul Abrams, General Manager OEM Business, Philips Home Control Our collaboration with Broadcom will enable a new user experience that lets consumers take greater advantage of these features with intuitive, easy to use remote controls.”