Prodea ROS Promises The Real Connected Home

  • Posted on: 10 April 2014
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

At first, we thought it would be Microsoft HomeOS that would be the system to bring it all together in the connected home, then early this year our attention turned to Alljoyn as that solution. Now, this week Prodea, an eight-year-old electronics company up until recently only a few us had heard about has become the third option. The company this we launched its Prodea Residential Operation System (ROS), a connected home platform that they promising will bring seamless integration in the connected home.

Even though Prodea has just launch its ROS it is already been selected by Canal SUR, the telecom service provider. According to Prodea, ROS will be the hub for Canal SUR’s connected home services offering its customers Telemedicine, home security, energy management, education and home automation.

Prodea said their platform will make the vision of the connected home a true reality for many home owners.  Prodea promises to connect our lives inside and outside our homes.  According to them, ROS succeeds where others have failed in their attempt to offer true connectivity in the home. ROS uses a different approach to “maximise the value of existing networks and take advantage of current day connected home deployment opportunities”.

“Prodea can quickly tailor ROS capabilities to a service provider’s market and operations to be turnkey or highly integrated based on the type and service provider’s objectives. This flexibility allows the operator to get to market quickly while leveraging existing infrastructure and operations.”

The Prodea ROS platform can integrate with any telecommunications providers’ existing DSL and Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) infrastructures, to allow service prodders to extend their current phone and Internet offerings into security, energy management, home control, healthcare and education.