Red Dot Best Design Home Appliances For 2010

  • Posted on: 15 July 2010
  • By: admin

loewe freudeBelow are some of this year’s winners of the Red Dot Design Award, an internationally recognise and coveted prize among designers.  The ceremony was held in Essen Germany and covers seventeen categories. For this article I only picked those from the Bathrooms, spa and air-conditioning, Household and Kitchen, Entertainment Technology and Cameras and Living Rooms and Bedrooms categories.

Sunrise Electronic Basin Faucet
The Sunrise Electronic Basin Faucet basin faucetwon best design in the bathroom, spa and air-conditioning category; it reminds me of a Sting Ray or stealth bomber.  It was design by Stefano Ollino, Pingli Dong, Kai Lin and China and manufactured by Xiamen Renshui Industries. The right hand side of the Sunrise Electronic Basin Faucet holds the controls, a light-emitting touch control panel with easy to read intuitive images. The controls allow for precise adjustment of water temperature and quantity.
Digitecture Digital bath

Grohe Ondus Digitecture Digital bath
The Digital bath by Grohe Ondus won best design in the Bathrooms, spa and air-conditioning category. The Grohe Ondus Digitecture allows the preferred combination of water temperature and pressure to be programmed and, via an intuitive interface, be memorised at the press of a button for the next time of use. The Digital bath also has a pause button which stop the follow of water and when re-activate start the flow of water at the correct temperature. This is a very handy feature for when you are washing your hair; you don’t have to keep the water running.

Reference 52 LCD TV
Reference 52 LCD TV
The Reference 52 LCD TV is made by Loewe AG of Germany and design by Phoenix Design GmbH & Co. KG is feature in the Entertainment Technology and Cameras category. The Reference 52 LCD TV is an HDTV which has integrated receivers for DVB-C, DVB-S and DVB-T an internal hard drive for recording our favourite programs. As a complementary to Reference 52 LCD TV is a sound system of the same quality in design that offers exceptional sound quality that brings whatever you are watching alive.

 Qlocktwo ClockQlocktwo Wall and Table Clock
The Qlocktwo Wall and Table Clock is featured in the Living Rooms and Bedrooms category, designed by Marco Biegert, Andreas Funk and manufactured by Beigert and Funk of Germany. Qlocktwo Clock has letter over the face of it that lights up to tell you the correct time. No flashing light, no constant ticking of the second hand, just word that will show a difference sentence every minute.

Freshness Centre

CBNes 6256 BioFresh Freshness Centre
The CBNes 6256 BioFresh Freshness Centre was design and manufactured by Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH of Germany and won best design in the Household and Kitchen category. The Freshness Centre is the combination of a Fridge and cold storage. The inside of the Freshness Centre is well design with LED Lighting for better visibility. The freezer drawers are exposed and mounted on telescopic rails for easy access.  The user panel at the top of the Freshness Centre features the MagicEye control system, with functions that can be simply operated with a slight touch of a finger on the self-explanatory electronic panel, which according to the designers makes it convenient.