Samsung Showcases 2011 Connected Product Line

  • Posted on: 22 March 2011
  • By: chw staff

Samsung last week unveil its new line of consumer electronics for 2011 at its Samsung Experience show.  The event demonstrated everything Samsung; from Television, Tablets, notebooks, cameras and more. Among the many new products features and functionality, Samsung want to highlight its new connectivity concept called the Nth- Screen. The concept is driving Samsung’s vision to offer seamless connectivity and interoperability between devices.

The Nth- Screen strategy is driving Samsung’s vision in offering users flexibility, convenience and hassle free inter device communication.  According to Tim Baker, Samsung America, President; “what make them [the new line of products] so impressive isn’t just stylish design and powerful features, put connectivity and interoperability.”

If Samsung get this right I know a lot of us will be very happy, because according to a recent Accenture survey many of us are frustrated with a lot of the smart devices we use because they don’t always work.

Samsung believes our living room is becoming the social hub for the home and has design and developed its new line of appliances to support this new life style. For one, its TVs are smarter and is launching 44 new HDTV models access it’s Plasma, LED and LCD range.  They have also planned to make 3D more accessible, with 3D being included in 60 percent of Samsung’s 2011 TV portfolio.

Samsung is also integrating other smart features across the home entertainment line, including multimedia sharing across devices with AllShare and a hassle-free network setup with Samsung’s One Foot Connection.

New in 2011, Samsung unveiled Central Station, a solution that allows users to connect their mobile PC to a full-size 23 or 27-inch monitor without cords or a docking station. By simply plugging a USB wireless connector into the laptop’s USB port; the display will sync with the PC up to three feet away.

The new Samsung digital cameras are no exception to the Nth- Screen strategy, they are being built with the ability to easily connect and share images.  An example is the SH100 compact digital camera; it is built with Wi-Fi connectivity.  From it users can stream multimedia content and upload files to the web or local storage devices.