Savant Launched iPad Desktop and In Wall Home Automation Docks

  • Posted on: 9 June 2010
  • By: chw staff

Savant has launched two affordable premium iPad in-home application docks that enable users to conveniently operate their iPad from a desktop or in-wall cradle. The new systems allow you to purchase five, six, even seven iPad controllers for the price of one traditional touch panel. Building on their expertise in Apple-based home automation the new cradles will offer integrators the flexibility of an iPad-based solutions and consumer the convenience.

"Savant controllers have an Apple computer embedded internally and our user interface was engineered specifically for the iPad, making traditional control applications look antiquated by comparison.  Our first-to-market dock products make it possible for Savant dealers to provide far more overall system value at a fraction of the cost to the consumer than with any other competitive automation technology." Said CEO Robert Madonna.

Savant iPad Docks

Desktop : Savant's Desktop Dock (MSRP $350) transforms the iPad into a cost-effective desktop touch panel that powers the iPad while allowing for full navigation of Savant's automation and control solutions as well as the numerous applications available for the iPad. The dock safely secures the iPad without sacrificing the convenience or portability of the device in any way. Savant's desktop package is comprised of a charging cradle and power supply.

In-wall: Savant's In-Wall Dock (MSRP $500) secures the Apple iPad within an attractive housing, making it easy for the homeowner to utilize the iPad as the most powerful and cost-effective touch panel interface on the market. The in-wall dock supports both landscape and portrait (horizontal and vertical) installation configurations and provides a removal notification warning, which will alert you if the iPad has been removed from the dock without authorization. The In-Wall Dock is comprised of a docking cradle paired with a low-profile magnetically attached faceplate.