Serenity Home Automation Concept by Artefact

  • Posted on: 23 October 2012
  • By: chw staff

Artefact has developed a new dashboard for our automated home, which has received a 2012 RedDot award for design concept. The new e-ink tablet reacts to its environment by changing its display. The screen is reactive and every piece of data you see is touchable and relevant to the tablet’s current location.

serenityArtefact describe Serenity as “a home OS with a heart, that allow the user to toggle through a range of home controls and automation.”

The e-ink provides status update for all aspect of our automated lifestyle such as energy consumption, device status, location, lighting, sound, temperature and airflow. Sensors in the device collect data and present it in a beautiful way.

“It grows, adapts and changes over time through behaviour, awareness and preference,” said Artefact. “Serenity devices communicate with sensors and data from the home and have a spatial location awareness that allows them to provide you with the relevant controls or status updates.”

source: Artefact