Sigma Designs Launched Ultra Thin Set-Top Box Design

  • Posted on: 6 September 2011
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Sigma Designs has unveiled a new Ultra-Thin reference design for the set-top box market. The new solution combines networking and set-top box functionalities in one ultra thin platform.  According to Sigma design it enables set-top box platforms to stream high-definition content from the web, in 1080p resolution via networking through the AC power adapter. Core technologies include Sigma’s SMP8670 media processor and HomePlug AV with ClearPath and Z-Wave.

The Ultra-Thin is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and doesn’t require a power cable; it plugs directly into the AC power outlets for easy installations. Cable operators, telcos, IP-based TV and video companies are expected to see a reduction in deployment cost, because it enables users to self-install their set-top box.

With Sigma Design’s Homeplug AV and ClearPath already integrated it works via the home’s electrical wiring – to offer reliable networking.  It also means that it is compliant to industry standards (HomePlug AV) allowing it to deliver triple play, whole-home DVR, 3DTV and HDTV to every power outlet within the home.

According to Sigma Designs the Ulta-Thin is the only MIMO (multi-in, multi-out) solution currently available over powerline, and connects to a HDTV through using the HDMI connector.
It Z-Wave core means it integrates with Z-Wave RF technology to offer advanced remote control functionality, which means that the Ultra-Thin can be placed out of sight, behind the TV or in a cabinet.  It also means that the Ultra-Thin is also compatible with over 500 other Z-Wave devices including door lock, lighting, thermostats and other home control and energy management solutions.

With the SMP8670 media processor also at its core, the Ultra-Thin can decode multiple HD IPTV streams.  It is also designed for thin-clients like the Ultra-Thin and optimized to run over-the-top application and graphically rich application platforms such as Adobe AIR for TV and Adobe Flash Player. Additionally, the architecture offers advanced content protection, supporting a wide variety of Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Conditional Access (CA) solutions and support for Android, Microsoft Windows CE and Linux.

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