Stream From Tablet to TV With Twonky Beam Browser

  • Posted on: 26 November 2011
  • By: chw staff

Now you can download and stream your videos to your televisions wirelessly from you Apple iPad or Android Tablets. PacketVideo released its Twonky Beam Browser last month for the new must have gadgets. The software allows you to browse web videos from your tablet and then stream them to any Smart TV, wirelessly.

Twonky Beam Browser allows you to manage the playback features of the video you are watching – including volume; so there is no need to use a separate remote control.  A cool feature is you can stream videos embedded in news articles while you continue to read the article on your tablet.

The Twonky Beam Browser homepage shows recommended websites with videos available to stream. Other website not included in the recommended list will show beamable videos with a Twonky Beam button.

Other features include Find and add as many videos to the beam queue as you want and beam now or bookmark them for later viewing.

The application can be downloaded from the usual place the Apple App Store and the Android Market.