Tendril Released Enhanced Version of HEM Suite - Tendril Energize

  • Posted on: 28 January 2013
  • By: chw staff

Tendril releases new version of Tendril Energize software.  This upgraded version of the software will enable support for customers who are not connected to a smart meter or an advance meter infrastructure.  Therefore, customers with no meter reading data and only monthly bills can use the application to manage their energy use and save money on their utility bill.

Utilities can now offer their customers different ways to manage their energy use.   Customers that have no usage data will input their zip code and basic household information into the application. Using its advance algorithm the application allow users to access estimate for home appliances and energy saving recommendations.

The new updated Energize is supported by a freely downloadable iPhone app. With it, you can directly control and program your smart thermostat and other devices.  The app has a social side to it, where you can snapshot energy usage and similar home comparison graphs and share them on Facebook, Twitter or email them.

The enhanced Tendril Energize expands the number of eligible households to those not part of the smart meter infrastructure.  It benefits both utilities and consumers; utilities get to accelerate consumer participation in energy management while at the same time meeting their business objectives and regulatory requirements.

“With the latest enhancement to Energize, utilities can now more easily reach service area-wide deployment without investments in new infrastructure or custom integration projets”, said Adrian Tuck, Tendril CEO.