ThinkFlood Joins ng Connect Program

  • Posted on: 24 November 2011
  • By: chw staff

ng Connect has added ThinkFlood, the creator of the RedEye remote control to their member program.  ThinkFlood's focus within the group will be to help members achieve an anywhere, any device control capability among devices as they did with RedEye.  This is to help other CE manufacturers and software developing companies to create new wireless solutions that integrate smoothly.

The ng Connect Program is a multi-industry organisation that is dedicated to the creation of the new generation connected user experience, and is behind the LTE Connected Car initiative.

ThinkFlood universal remote system for iOS devices is a multi-platform and multi-user control system. The ThinkFlood home control platform is compatibility with multiple mobile platforms and any web browser.

This year the company released its first networked home automation controller and updated its home control application to include Android compatibility.

"Helping people remain connected wherever they are is a major focus for us, and we see ThinkFlood as a leader in bringing this new level of integration in residential markets," said Jason Collins, VP of Emerging Technology & Innovation, Alcatel-Lucent.