Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome Now Offering 24/7 Video Playback

  • Posted on: 22 October 2015
  • By: chw staff

Time Warner Cable (TWC) is now offering an enhanced monitoring option for its security and smart home management service, IntelligentHome. This new capability enables customers to capture and playback continuously recorded video from their IntelligentHome security cameras. Known as 24/7 Playback, the feature lets customers go back in time and see what happened while they were away from home at work, or even on a week-long vacation.


The Playback feature is a new option for IntelligentHome customers and can be added on up to two cameras for just $5 per month per camera. Today, customers can view recorded Playback video via the secure customer website. Soon, they will also be able to view Playback using a free mobile app.

“The ability to view video clips and pictures captured on our home security cameras has always been one of the most popular features of IntelligentHome, and 24/7 Playback takes home monitoring to the next level,” said Adam Mayer, VP of Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome. “Now, the system can capture every second of every day for up to ten days, so if something doesn’t look right at home, the customer can go back and view the uninterrupted recording to see what happened.”

TWC IntelligentHome launched in 2011 and is available across the TWC service area. It's a complete home management system that offers next generation home security, energy management and home automation. Customers can control and access their IH system— security, cameras, lights, thermostats, door locks and more—from anywhere via a smartphone, tablet, PC or the IntelligentHome touchscreen.