Tropos Networks Introduced GridCom 2.0

  • Posted on: 24 January 2011
  • By: chw staff

Tropos Networks, today introduced its GridCom 2.0 architecture and product offerings for smart grid communications. For the first time, utilities can seamlessly integrate and manage an optimal blend of high performance wireless network technologies which both meets their smart grid communication requirements and is economical.

With GridCom 2.0, utilities can now build a single private network across their distribution area that has high reliability, strong security, broadband performance, adaptability, and control to support applications such as distribution automation, AMI backhaul, substation automation, video security, and mobile workforce.

Smart grids are comprised of a network of networks and building a communications foundation across a distribution area can be challenging as typically network requirements vary across the coverage area based upon the multiple smart grid applications and number of devices that need to connect to the network. Across large diverse utility coverage areas, which often incorporate urban, suburban, and rural areas, a single network technology typically does not meet all the utility’s communications requirements for performance and latency as well as economics. Using multiple networking technologies to meet performance and latency requirements makes management of wireless networks more complex, increasing operational complexity and costs.

To address these challenges, Tropos expanded its GridCom architecture for smart grid distribution area networks, blending high performance networking technologies and unified wireless network management to deliver the most economical and comprehensive communications solution for smart grids.