Introducing Universal Electronics' QuickSet Chip and Virtual Agent for the Smart Home

  • Posted on: 16 February 2021
  • By: chw staff

Universal Electronics announced the release of SoC (System-on-Chip) of module, the QuickSet Widget (UE61S). The QuickSet Widget allows OEMs to make their products connected. It offers a hardware and software solution that makes it easy for OEMs to upgrade their products to be connected, managed and secured. The UE61S Module comes with UEI Virtual Agent, is cloud ready and comes with a number of connectivity options.


The QuickSet Widget module is available with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to provide seamless connection to the cloud and other devices in the home.  You can combine the UE61S with the UE878 multi-protocol chip and modules to extended its support for Zigbee devices.  The QuickSet Widget is accompanied by a hardware development kit which simplifies the process for OEMs in creating connected products and experiences, for today’s smart homes.

QuickSet Widget and QuickSet Cloud provides a end-to-end scalable platform for simplifying onboarding and control across entertainment and smart home devices.  QuickSet Widget is integrated with QuickSet Cloud device management services, which includs a remote management dashboard and mobile software development kit. The UE QuickSet platform offers turnkey capabilities for onboarding, interoperability, management and lifecycle support of connected home products.

QuickSet Widget is also pre-integrated with the new UEI Virtual Agent service, which provides a complete support framework for connected devices, enabling self-help capabilities on and off device, including guided product onboarding, feature discovery and troubleshooting.

UEI Virtual Agent is designed to address common challenges around onboarding, feature discovery and troubleshooting for entertainment and smart home devices. UEI Virtual Agent is powered by UEI’s white label digital assistant and extensive global device knowledge graph covering over one million devices.


In addition to resolving user issues related to connected devices, UEI Virtual Agent helps reduce the cost of managing and supporting an installed base of connected devices for manufacturers and service providers, and can be easily integrated into the connected device itself, as well as into support websites and mobile apps, offering help where and when needed.

For connected TV and audio devices, UEI Virtual Agent can be accessed directly on any screen, including TV, phone, computer and tablet, to guide users through installation and onboarding, setup and issue resolution. UEI Virtual Agent is also available as a native Android TV application optimized for the TV screen as an added service with UEI’s industry-leading Android TV voice remote offerings.

“QuickSet Widget expands UEI’s portfolio in enabling complete digital transformation of the end user experience across several connected home product segments including HVAC, audio visual and appliances,” said Arsham Hatambeiki, Senior Vice President of Products and Technology at UEI. “Combining our strengths in secure hardware, connectivity and user-focused software features, we have reimagined the lifecycle of connected products from onboarding, interoperability and ongoing support. QuickSet Widget is a secure and reliable connectivity solution, pre-integrated with QuickSet Cloud services delivering device management, telemetry and interoperability; as well as the UEI Virtual Agent delivering continuous support for connected products."

QuickSet Widget modules and hardware development kits will be available for sampling in Q2 2021 with volume shipment in Q3 2021.  UEI Virtual Agent was launched in Q3 2020 for UEI branded devices and support website, and will be available globally to OEMs in consumer entertainment, climate control and home appliances in Q2 2021. It will be available in English initially with additional languages available later in 2021.