Virgin Media And SeaChange To Offer New Digital TV Services

  • Posted on: 23 July 2010
  • By: chw staff

Virgin Media, one of the UKs biggest cable TV providers is preparing to offer extended digital TV services to its customers. The new digital lifestyle service is to allow subscribers to access content across all three screens (Television, PC and Mobile Phones).  According to reports, the digital TV provider is in talks with SeaChange, a video on-demand provider.

The new service is to offer a ‘pause and resume’ service to subscribers of the service, subscribers will be able to pause and shift a program from one device to another. Using SMS and email customers will receive a message which would allow them to log in and continue viewing content they have been watching on their set-top boxes, through a PC or on their Mobile.

Simon McGrath, chief marketing officer of SeaChange, said Virgin Media is keen to consider how it can use "next-generation technology". The SeaChange Multi-Screen Solutions is a Video Platform that has been deployed all over the world to help cable operators to manage, monetize and deliver a seamless multi-screen experience to their customers. A recent implementation was SeaChange Intelligent Video Platform for StarHub of Singapore. The implementation offers StarHub’s customers the ability to view 24 branded premium pay TV channels on their mobile handsets.