ViXS Port TwonkyServer and HipServ To XCode 4208

  • Posted on: 1 April 2012
  • By: chw staff

Vixs has collaborated with Axentra to port Axentra’s HipServ NAS Media Software to XCode 4208 media processor. As one of the leading digital media access software, HipServ enables consumer to access their digital media from a wide range of devices such as Android and Apple’s iOS based mobile devices.  The collaboration will allow OEMs to shorten the development of NAS (Network Attached Storage) base solutions that offers video transcoding.

Also integrated with and running on the XCode 4208 is the Apple content streaming protocol software called HTTP-Live server or HLS to support Apple iPad devices. Vixs said OEMs will be able to add its SoC solution to: whole home DVR media streaming solutions to NAS devices; reduce the it takes to market solutions; add DLNA, transcoding, transcription, transwrapping and content streaming to NAS software.

One of the industry’s leading digital home solution providers to take advantage of the new integrated solution is PacketVideo.  According to Vixs TwonkyServer 6 is now running on its XCode 4208.  By integrating both twonkyserver and HipServ on the XCode 4208 both solutions can take advantage of it media processing engine.

Key features of the XCode 4208 include:

  • Highly concurrent dual HD media processing engine.
  • Dedicated network processor for high throughtput network performance.
  • Support for over-the-top (OTT) video sevices and content.
  • Support for the DLNA and Digital Media Server(DMS) for streaming applications
  • Integration of wide rang of perpherals including: PCI Express, USB, SATA and Ethernet
  • Complete Xtensiv Software stack for quick time to market.