Zonoff Secures $3.8 million Funding for Connected Home Platform

  • Posted on: 22 April 2013
  • By: chw staff

To support ongoing its customer growth Zonoff has secure a $3.8 million Series A funding through Valhalla Partners and Grotech Ventures. Zonoff develops connected home solutions for service providers and retailers tha enables them to create new revenue streams. As a modern software solution company, they offer their solutions via the cloud, as apps and as an embedded solution.

The Zonoff Connected Home Platform, which consists of Home, Cloud, and App software, works behind the scenes with the company's Channel Partners' products to deliver home automation, remote control, energy management, and safety monitoring.

"This investment validates our approach in building a software platform for our channel partners, who are typically large consumer-facing companies that have deep and trusted ties with consumers," co-founder and CEO Mike Harris.

Zonoff has joined the likes of LeftHand Networks, SafeNet and Riverbed Technologies that have received funding through Valhalla Partners.

Commenting on the funding, Kiran Hebbar, General Partner of Valhalla Partners said  "Whether you call it 'connected home,' 'smart home,' the 'Internet of things' or 'M2M' (machine-to-machine), this is shaping up to be a massive market, and Zonoff has the ideal leadership, team and experience to scale up for this global opportunity.

"The thing we like about Zonoff is that they are not attempting to build a consumer brand, but rather are empowering big name consumer brands who already have deep and long-lasting consumer relationships," said Lawson DeVries, General Partner at Grotech Ventures.

source: zonoff