ZyXEL and Polkast to Develop Private Home Cloud Solution

  • Posted on: 15 November 2011
  • By: chw staff

With the growing popularity of home cloud solutions such as Apple’s iCloud and and Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.  ZyXEL said they are entering the home cloud solution market with a new solution that does not require a third-party cloud service.  They will leverage Polkast’s cloud solution on their platform to allow users to access personal data on any device that has an Internet connection.

They said unlike other private cloud solutions on the market at the moment, with their system, users will be able to access their data regardless of the operating system Apple iOS or Google Android and device laptop, smartphones or tablets.  Data will be kept at home on users' home computer or storage system and accessible even when the person is out of the home via the internet.

"The role of networkable devices is no longer to simply connect to each other locally, but to connect people with their content and data -- anywhere and on any device", said ZyXEL.

With Today's home networks boasting multi-terabyte of storage and super fast broadband connections,  this ZyXEL Polkast collaboration will make it easier to access digital media from anywhere.  The streaming of data between devices will be secured using Polkast secure and encrypted solution. Which means users can rest assure knowing that no one can copy their data.