Xcrypt, Inc. is a total solution supplier of CAS (Conditional Access System) encryption systems for Digital Pay TVs, offering the best optimized and secure solutions. The security of the Xcrypt CAS is guaranteed by the hardware-based security module with unique technologies, and Xcrypt’s flawless track record proves it. The optimized system enables it to be the most cost-effective solution for medium and small broadcasting applications.

The recently-developed CAMCAS system, which is based on the scrambling CAM, is Xcrypt’s innovative solution for very small cable operators who use transmodulators in their headend. CAMCAS system enables the distribution of the valuable contents through local independent cable operators in a very economic way, with a very high level of security. It also fits to the headend systems of MDUs (Multi-Dwelling Units) which are required to be encrypted for valuable contents.

Xcrypt’s core technology for SoC (System On Chip) design enables Xcrypt to supply its own CI+ CAM (Conditional Access Module) for its conditional access system to provide a complete secure solution.