Affinegy’s DigiDo to Integrate AVG Internet Security 9.0

  • Posted on: 19 May 2010
  • By: chw staff

AVGAVG, the technology security solution provider announced that they are partnering with Affinegy to offer AVG Internet Security 9.0 on the DigiDo digital lifestyle platform. The partnership is to allow service providers to offer small businesses and home users a comprehensive and easy to use internet security solution.
On the DigiDo platform the AVG solution will offer security not only to PCs but will encompass the whole digital lifestyle.  The DigiDo digital lifestyle platform was released last year as a suite of solutions.
“We are excited to work with AVG to deliver advanced, comprehensive desktop security across the connected home, while offering an easy, seamless consumer experience,” said Affinegy CEO Melissa Simpler. “As home users connect more digital devices to each other and to the Internet, this integrated offering will provide a complete solution for installing, managing, expanding and fully securing their digital lifestyle networks.”
As consumers rapidly expand their digital footprint both inside and outside the home, they become increasingly vulnerable to security breaches. The integration between the Affinegy DigiDo Platform and AVG’s Internet Security 9.0 will offer unprecedented protection against this growing threat, by providing:

  • The real-time protection needed against malicious attacks that occur through seemingly harmless social networking sites and general Internet use
  • A secure check of links before and during navigation with AVG Link Scanner to ensure the safety of Internet destinations
  • A wireless security manager with network-wide encryption updates, smart profiles, and easy protection of the home router
  • Automatically-managed, network-wide updates of home and desktop security manager, with the ability to check security settings for the whole home network and update all computers to the latest protections from any computer
  • Easy-to-use, highly graphical user interfaces that intelligently guide the end user’s configuration and management of their network security and connectivity, both at home and on-the-go.

“As consumers take more of their lives online and embrace a digital lifestyle, it is increasingly important for service providers to offer complete solutions that do more than protect individual computers. Technologies must not only manage our consumers’ digital lifestyles, but also secure them,” said J.R. Smith, CEO, AVG Technologies. “AVG is dedicated to ensuring a secure and smooth digital experience, and working with Affinegy will help us to extend that support to better provide for our home users and their networks.”