Panasonic Launches New Full HD 3D VIERA GT25 Plasma TV

  • Posted on: 17 August 2010
  • By: chw staff

Panasonic is releasing a new set of HD 3D VIERA plasma TV in response to consumer request for smaller models for video gaming. The new line of Full HD 3D Plasmas will come from Panasonic’s VIERA GT25 series which will offer a 42-inch (TC-P42G25) and 52-inch (TC-R52G25) screen sizes.

According to Panasonic the lover price and smaller screen size will not lead to a reduction in functionality. The VIERA GT25 Full HD 3D Plasma includes many of the same features as the popular VIERA VT25. Panasonic has added more online entertainment services through its CAST platform, which features USB connectivity, allowing for the addition of a wireless LAN adaptor, keyboard and USB memory.

Like the VT25 the GT25 series also has the VIERA Link, which allows users to control their VIERA Link compatible audio and video products with just one remote. This also helps you to ad a network camera as another feature.

The VIERA GT25 series also includes 2D to 3D conversion which converts 2D image or video to 3D. They are THX Certified which ensures that premium movies or television content are displayed with the color palette that the director intended. Like the VT25 the GT25 features 600Hz sub-field drive, 1080p high definition, VIERA image viewer – for still images, fast switching phosphors and 24p Cinematic playback.

“The debut of our VIERA GT25 Series of Full HD 3D TVs further expands our portfolio of 3D offerings and makes if even easier for  consumers to join the immersive world of Full HD 3D for the home,” Henry Hauser, Panasonic VP, merchandising, Display Group.