Ambient Selects Sierra Wireless AirPrime for Smart Grid Platform

  • Posted on: 2 February 2011
  • By: chw staff

Sierra Wireless announced that Ambient Corporation has selected Sierra Wireless AirPrime embedded modules to provide 3G wireless connectivity for Ambient's latest X-series smart grid communications node, used by energy and utilities companies. The X-series smart grid node is part of the Ambient Smart Grid communications platform, which provides utilities with a critical link in building a modern energy infrastructure that enables connection with micro-generation and renewable energy sources.

"Real-time monitoring and communication with the grid enables energy and utility companies to provide better, more responsive service to their customers, but it does more than that. It also enables better use of a wider range of energy sources, like single windmills attached to rural homes that can provide electricity back to the grid in times of low use," said Ram Rao, SVP and CTO of Ambient Corporation. "Sierra Wireless embedded modules provide us with a reliable, stable connection and the level of product quality that is absolutely needed when dealing with critical infrastructure applications like ours."

"Ambient is helping to transform energy infrastructure to reduce energy consumption and inefficiencies," said Mike Ardelan, Vice President of OEM Sales for Sierra Wireless. "This is a perfect example of the myriad ways in which embedded wireless technology can be employed to provide better real-time information that enables companies to better serve their customers and reduce costs. In addition, solutions like this one help to create a more sustainable energy system for the future, which is why we are so pleased Ambient selected Sierra Wireless as its wireless module provider for its newest X-series smart grid communications node."

Sierra Wireless Solutions for Energy

Sierra Wireless has more than a decade of experience in wireless data communications for utilities and energy infrastructures.  Our seasoned engineering team is experienced in large-scale wireless deployments for utilities around the world in countries including Australia, Canada, China, France, India, Italy, New Zealand, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States. For customers looking to deploy wireless solutions for the energy market, Sierra Wireless offers:

  • All the components required for end-to-end solutions, from ruggedized embedded modules, gateways and routers, software suites, and development tools to services platforms.
  • Simplified integration and deployment, with proven technologies that allow rapid design and easy integration, as well as a services platform that enables fast deployment and cost-effective maintenance and support.
  • A rugged and secure product line designed for long life spans and challenging environmental conditions, tested to military specifications to ensure reliability under extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibration.
  • Strong relationships with network operators worldwide to assist customers and partners with network connections and certifications.