Monaco Telecom Launch Connected TV for Principality

  • Posted on: 8 June 2010
  • By: chw staff

In partnership with Netgem, a leading provider of connected entertainment technology, Monaco Telecom has announced the launch of the Principality’s next generation, connected TV experience, bringing a vision of tomorrow’s connected home a step closer to reality. The new Connected TV services were created using Netgem’s award-winning NetgemTV middleware and intelligent Set Top Box (STB) technologies that seamlessly blends broadcast and broadband content with multi-platform, interactive services.

“Netgem’s smart hybrid solution was the most cost effective proposition for upgrading our services since we were able to integrate it into our existing infrastructure. Netgem’s open platform ensures our technology will remain future proofed since we can easily add in new and exciting broadcast and Over the Top (OTT) broadband services to customers as required.” Said Martin Péronnet, Managing Director of Monaco Telecom.

The new TV service combines digital cable-delivered broadcast HDTV and Pay TV channels with OTT TV services into one, branded user experience. OTT services provided by Netgem include VOD films from Netgem’s sister company Video Futur and a bespoke, interactive Monaco Telecom channel that aggregates its existing online weather, traffic and news services, updating content in real time.

“By offering customers the ability to wirelessly stream content around the home and to provide new types of interaction, such as our iPhone app, Monaco Telecom is a great example of an operator providing the types of services that customers will value moving forward. This deployment fulfils our vision of how smart set top boxes can be used as home entertainment gateways to provide subscribers the types of customer experience that ensure they value their relationship with the operator and takes the best out of their subscription.” Said Christophe Aulnette, Managing Director of Netgem.

source Business Review Europe