Automate Your Home And Sell It For More

  • Posted on: 4 December 2012
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

The current market condition in develop countris has dampten the housing market so you might in selling or plan to sell your property but is discourage by what is being offered. You have done the basics like redecorating add a new ketchin and bathroom plus you have even thrown in few extras just the get the offer you want. It that has not worked, new home automation features is another method that can not only attract buyers but also raise the value of your home.

A study by Intellect(UK) estimated that new build properties with networking could add 0.2-0.4% to the price of the property. This is just making sure there is a network infrastructure. Home automation go much futher than that, this involves you having Lighting Controls, Security Controls, HVAC Controls, Entertainment & Integrated Controls and energy management controls.

"In the future house prices may be influenced by the quality of the technology and services built into a house, eg, security and telehealth solutions," according to Intellect. Think about the benefit you will gain and wow factor your home will have if you add some of these technologies that will also help to make your home cheaper to run. The good news is these technologies are much cheaper than before so you dont have the break the bank the impress a possible buyer.

Home automation is mainly associated with high price and luxury homes but this is changing, now the ordinary house can has its own form of automation. You might think your house is not new or big enough but for these new gagetry but for networking you can use affordable devices that offers wireless or powerline networking; with these you can demonstrate networking in each room without running any cables and still get the benefits of have cables.

If you have a bigger budget an off-the-shelf solution from Crestron, control4 or other solution providers is worth looking into. These off-the-shelf products offer a wider range of functionality such as entertainment, security, smart lighting and Heating, ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) all controlled by one system.  The new set of home automation solutions can help to reduce energy user helping you and your propective buyer save money.