Emerson Releases Wi-Fi Thermostat Sensi

  • Posted on: 12 May 2014
  • By: chw staff

The home automation market today receive a new entrant from Emerson, The Sensi is their first universal Wi-Fi Thermostat. The Sensi comes with its own App that allows you to control it from a smart phone, tablet or PC. Already a big name in the thermostat and HVAC controls industry Emerson said they want to tap into US $600M market. Emerson said the Sensi give you the added flexibility you cannot get from a standard programmable thermostat, in that it can adapt to your busy schedule. Sensi allows you to control the climate in your home from anywhere; you can communicate with your Sensi thermostat and change the temperature settings.


The Sensi can operate on two standard replaceable AA batteries; this means in most cases, you can use existing wiring in the home and not have to rely on continuous common wire power from the HVAC system to operate. The available app walks you through the installation steps on your phone other devices. Once connected, you can either set up an energy saving schedule, or control the system with a simple override command.  Sensi is the first Wi-Fi thermostat to meet the new Energy Aware standards requiring +/- one degree accurate temperature control.

Ed Purvis, executive vice president at Emerson, said “We are already working with partners to develop an Application Programming Interface (API) for energy management solutions, and see this as just a piece of a larger connected home platform for Emerson Climate Technologies.”

The Sensi is available at amazon.com